Bank Products Are An Important Option for Taxpayers

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River City Bank offers products that many taxpayers depend on. Our services allow taxpayers the ability to access professional tax preparation with no out-of-pocket expense. With our products, taxpayers can be permitted to delay payment for their preparation services until they receive their tax refund. Unfamiliarity with the tax code prevents many taxpayers from taking full advantage of the credits and deductions available to low income households without seeking professional assistance, and without our products, many taxpayers would be unable to afford the cost of the service.

Our bank products provide an additional benefit to unbanked taxpayers. By using a product from River City Bank, an unbanked taxpayer can speed the delivery of their refund by a week or more and access a more secure delivery method. This is because taxpayers without a personal bank account are ineligible for direct deposit from the IRS, requiring them to receive a check via the mail. The IRS can take three or more weeks to mail a tax refund check to a taxpayer.

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By adding River City Bank products to the portfolio of services offered in a tax preparation office, an office can cater to a new group of consumers to expand its customer base and at the same time gain a more secure and hassle-free method of fee settlement. If you need income even sooner, you can use the River City Bank Fee Forward program to use your pending payments as collateral for a line of credit.

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