As of December 30, 2020 River City Bank is no longer processing tax refunds and has closed the Tax Division department. All federal refunds received after December 30, 2020 will be automatically returned to the IRS and all state refunds received after December 30, 2020 will be returned to the state department of revenue. In accordance with IRS requirements, all 2nd round stimulus payments, also known as Economic Impact Payment 2, will be returned to the IRS. These Economic Impact Payments should not have been directed to River City Bank and therefore, must be returned to IRS. River City Bank cannot provide specific information regarding any economic impact payments and is unable to check the status of a payment or provide any information about payments that have been returned or will be returned in the future. Taxpayers must use the Get My Payment application on to check the status of their payment. If information is not available, taxpayers should review the FAQs section on for more information. EROs who used River City Bank in 2020 may still access your RCBgateway account using the LOGIN button in the upper-right corner of this page.

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Tax Division

The Tax Division is a part of River City Bank, a family owned bank in Louisville, Kentucky. The Tax Division has been partnering with independent tax professionals to offer tax related bank products for over thirty years.

From the very beginning, the Tax Division has been dedicated to carrying on River City Bank’s tradition of quality customer service and providing the products our customers depend on at a great value. We have the products, services, and experience you need to make your tax season a success.


The River City Bank Advantages


While we are always happy to provide customer service by phone, we realize that EROs need access to their River City Bank profile as well as customer information anytime, anywhere. The RCBgateway provides 24/7 access to taxpayer account lookup, ERO profile customization, funding and fee reports, online check printing and more. The RCBgateway also enables convenient, online ordering of check stock and marketing materials.

We ARE the bank

Other providers act only as a conduit between you and the processor handling your clients’ refunds. River City Bank controls every step in the bank product process.

Nationwide Check Cashing Agreements

We’ve got you covered in all 50 states with nationwide agreements for low cost and convenient check cashing. Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger, 7-Eleven, HEB, and Albertson’s are just a few of many retail locations that provide check cashing services to taxpayers who receive a River City Bank check disbursement product.

Free Marketing Materials

Items currently provided include: Professionally designed full color banners, window clings, palm cards (which contain our convenient 24-hour toll free check information line), reminder postcards sent free of charge to your prior year customers with River City Bank, customizable marketing packets, and an easy to use online marketing order form. Some materials are also available in Spanish.

Longevity in the Industry

With over three decades of experience, River City Bank has endured while many other banks and product providers have come and gone. We understand this industry and know what it takes to create successful banking partnerships with valued tax professionals.

Best in Customer Service

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth mentioning again! River City Bank provides top-notch experience, knowledge, and professional service in the industry!

Working to Reduce Your Paperwork Burden

Retaining bank applications with sensitive client information increases the compliance burden on you and regulatory risk for the bank. With us, the amount of information that you must retain and print is minimal; saving you time and money!

Free Client Retention Service

We provide reminder postcards to your prior year customers who chose a River City Bank product. We label all cards with your business information and mail them at no extra charge. For first time EROs, we're glad to offer blank reminder postcards upon request.

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